Teaching yoga hasn’t been a coincidence for Melanie. For me, observing Melanie, from a distance, embracing yoga and going through Yoga Teacher Training was about as natural and beautiful as watching a Holistic Nutritionist drink a green juice- it is meant to be. Since finishing her YTT, Emlyn’s passion for the art and school of yoga has only deepened and it reflects in her dedication to supporting and guiding others in their journey to yoga.

I have always been deeply curious and eager to fall into the yoga practice. What I have come to realize, through Mel, is that ‘falling’ into yoga takes hard work, a commitment to working through the discomfort and a passion for symbolic movement. Yoga is literally for everyone, and I believe Melanie truly embodies this in the way that she holds space for each and every student that finds themselves in her class.

Emlyn is the type of teacher who truly cares about each student and will notice you possibly far before you even notice her. She carries a certain humility that cannot be taught and her overwhelming generosity and giving nature is what makes her such a welcoming teacher. Melanie’s deep dedication to spiritual truth and facing her own demons and darkness adds to the longevity of her practice and the strength of her presence.

When I am in Melanie’s yoga class or doing a private session with her, I know that I can face the pain and attempt the challenging asanas because I trust her, I feel safe with her and I know she will hit the perfect spot of carrying me when I need adjustments to fall deeper and push me when I need to go at it solo.

I can confidently say that my own dedication to yoga has been inspired by Mel’s direction and for that I am so grateful and excited to witness this journey with Mel by my side.

— Chloe Elgar, Holistic Nutritionist, Writer, Speaker & Founder of Chloe’s Countertop

Melanie is a bundle of positive, light and colourful energy. She brings such a unique vibe to her classes, leaving everyone with a smile on their face!
— Sisley Killam - The Pure Life

Melanie is a true inspiration. It is hard not to make an instant connection with her as she is so genuine and greets and treats everyone with such warmth. In a session she exuberates energy, patience, thoughtfulness and she is so mindful in her attempt to ensure that everyone gets exactly what they need. Her classes are unique and challenging while being fun and lighthearted. She always finds ways to make you smile especially when pushing yourself
to do what you never thought possible. We are honoured that she donates her time to lead yoga sessions by donation to Wings of Courage and we thank her for her commitment to the young people we support.
— Lena Gilbert, Owner & Founder of Wings Of Courage

Mel’s lighthearted spirit and attention to her students made her class feel like it was tailored just for me. I would love to take another of her classes. Her upbeat spirit and inclusive attitude makes her a wonderful yoga teacher.
— Chase Mullins - Smak