We’re Moving to Calgary! (Insert Home Alone face emoji here.) 


I can’t believe i’m leaving Vancouver, my home for the past 31 years. It’s actually crazy and i’m not going to lie…I'M SCARED SH*TLESS! 


I’ve lived the West Coast lifestyle a long time. 


 Juice bars, yoga studios, kale caesar salads! Ocean walks, rainy day runs and tree hugs.


But alas, i’m leaving with my partner on September 30th to start our new adventure together in Calgary. I never thought I would leave the rain for snow but sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you just go with it.

My partner Jodi works for West Jet and earlier this year they announced that his department would be shutting down come November. When he told me I immediately said “Well if we need to move, I can pretty much work anywhere.” I didn’t even have time to process what I was saying. It just came out of me like WORD VOMIT! 


Sometimes we have to look passed the fears and make those big decisions from the heart, because it just feels right


So we’re packing up and shipping off.


I’m heading to work at a Lululemon store on 4th street, the Main St. of Calgary, and pursue teaching yoga. I’m scared to leave all of my friends and family behind and also this beautiful community that I feel privileged to be a part of. COMMUNITY is so important to me and has always been a huge focus of mine. I feel so supported and loved in Vancouver and i’m so sad to say goodbye. I will DEFINITELY be back often to take my favourite yoga classes, eat copious amounts of vegan ice cream and walk the seawall with my peeps. I also know that there’s a whole new world (insert Disney song here) ahead of me, and i’m ready and open to take those big steps forward and see what comes next. 


If you want to stay updated on whats happening in Calgary and any cool workshops i’ll be doing when I fly back into Van., be sure to follow me on Instagram - melemlyn. Otherwise i’ll send out info here in my newsletter. 


Many wishes! I will miss you all so much!