Last year a friend on Facebook wrote a post on her birthday about how it's important to give to others. She gave a spot away for her yoga teacher training costing over $1000!! All in the name of her birthday!? I thought it was the most beautiful, heart exploding, thing and it totally inspired me to do the same. So on my 31st Birthday this year I decided to do 31 acts of kindness.  I made a list and started checking things off as fast as I could. Eventually I completed all 31 acts but somewhere along the way it became habit to seek out opportunities for kindness that it's now a regular thing. It's little things through out my day like asking the stranger in the elevator how they're doing or buying a coffee for someone in-line behind me or baking cookies for work. 


I hope this inspire you to be kinder and pay it forward. 



  1. Donated clothes to my neighbour with 2 kids who told me she hadn't been able to shop for herself in over 2 years. 
  2. Donated blood.
  3. Brought Popcorn (Boom Chicka Pop) for my crew after work one day.
  4. Donated money to a homeless man.
  5. This old man sits outside Lululemon in Oakridge and eats an entire loaf of bread and Nutella and so I decided to buy some for him. He didn't speak english and refused to take it. So I found a guy at Saje who loves Nutella and gave it to him. Pretty Funny.
  6. Gifted a nutrition session to a co-worker. 
  7. Brought in late night snacks for the closing crew at work. 
  8. Picked a flower and left it on the mat for my yoga teacher Jazz, at the beginning of class. 
  9. Cleaned out my grandma's kitchen and got rid of 3 bags of expired food and bought her all new healthy options. 
  10. Purchased meal stubs from Save On Meats to give homeless people in the Downtown East Side of Vancouver. This is an amazing program, you pay any amount and get free food vouchers to hand out. 
  11. Offered to drive friends home at the end of the night.
  12. Gifted the book Milk & Honey by Rupi Kaur to a friend.
  13. Donated to Krispy Kreme fund raising for orphaned children. Took the Krispy Kreme's to work. :)
  14. Taught yoga at an aprons for gloves fundraiser for my friend Bneeta.
  15. Donated to the aids fund.
  16. Stopped to help a lost older lady and walked her a couple blocks to the train. 
  17. Donated to Red Cross.
  18. Donated to a friend raising money for aprons for gloves. 
  19. Went to aprons for gloves to cheer on 3 friends!
  20. Went to take a yoga class at Dude Chilling Park and the teacher didn't show up so I taught it. 
  21. Brought Oddity Komboucha for my Lululemon crew.
  22. Wrote intentions onto rocks and gave them to my students. 
  23. I filled up my Smoothie Card at WholeFoods and gave my free smoothie to another woman in-line. 
  24. Put extra money in the meter for someone actually using cash. 
  25. Stopped to help travellers figure out where to go. 
  26. Donated $2 for the Roses of Hope Breast Cancer. 
  27. Bought a chocolate bar for the casher at Wholefoods.
  28. Donated a $50 Walmart Gift Card to Emma House for giving Tuesday.
  29. Donated food to the food bank. 
  30. Volunteered to make food for a 25 person staff meeting at 6am. 
  31. Bought Starbucks for the person standing behind me. 

Here's a couple of other idea's I had but never got to do. Just in case you are making a list of your own. ;)

  1. Volunteer at a homeless shelter.
  2. Volunteer at animal rescue.
  3. Donate food to SPCA.
  4. Adopt a cat...probably still going to do this one. :) 
  5. Give out FREE HUGS.
  6. Write Thank You cards for friends.
  7. Bring over cooked food for a friend.
  8. Drop off feminine products to women's shelter.
  9. Babysit kids for a friend. 
  10. Leave a HUGE tip for a waiter.